Saturday, November 1, 2008

                                  MAX   ( sweet  Boxer)

                                     and Lovely family

              'Ben   and  Jerry'  with  Kathe

                   (where's the ice cream)

         Official  Dog Park Greeter with Pepper

                              On My moms Lap


           Another Profile in    GRRR...ourage

                  Hofbrau with new Parents

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Oliver Wilford Jr. said...

Hi John:
I met you in the park on Sat with Max and my daughter. I enjoyed your blog and websight. I work at Laurel Cable Network and would love to do an interview with you and air it on Public Access Cable. If this is possible, you can reach me at: 301-725-5300 Ex 316 or Home: 240-294-4278.

Oliver Wilford Jr.
Program Mgr.
Laurel Cable Network