Sunday, September 13, 2009

The First annual "Dog Days Of Summer" laurel maryland

 support the Rescue League !

    Waitng their turn to show

    Conversing with Mayor  Craig  Moe

      First  Kiss....

   One More....Lets Start...The show !

         New crime dog takes Mcgriffs place

    another  kiss....

  a  16  year old proud American !

  Pepper finds the cookies !

  dog  Brie with  owner  Naomi

   I won...did you see it...

    Superman  Max was there.

   Surah and daddy  from Dogpark

   watch me...I may fly away !

   Big crowd, nearly half of Maryland  showed  up !

   Karli and  Fin a big winner on the day 

   Free toys for  tiny dogs

   wave,   willow...

  The judges like what they see

   Superman prepares....

   Karli..soon to be in the wiinners circle !

  dog park regulars everywhere !

  Winner...of most looks like their owner !

  A dog name Madeline Albright...a winner on the day !

   They line up for best in show.
    The suspense begins...

   Preparing the ballots...

  As  the  nervous entrants wait for the call !

          And  the  winner is  Yogi  
  (all expensive paid trip to jellystone park)

  Yogi all decked out in red white and blue
   to recieve his award.

  One more kiss for the judges that made this dream...come true !

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impromptublogger said...

Thanks for posting a photo of Max (the black and tan doxie). It was very nice meeting you! Hope to see you at the dog park.