Monday, November 29, 2010

Homemade dog food recipe "Peppers stew" part 2 love your dog and want to do whats best for you buy him the
most expenisive dry dog foods.

However they may be pricey and good for your dog...They are processed and as we know processing takes out nutrients.

Therefore this simple mixture of sardines,
frozen veggies,pinto beans,rice,oatmeal and
store bought chicken wet dog
you all you need in nutrition.

This is added as a supplement to normal
priced dog food such as Purina 2 parts dry
and one part "Peppers Stew" at dinner time.

you can make large amouts at a clip that
will last months in your freezer for your
small or medium dog.
(note...dogs also need organ food every 2 weeks I give my dog
chicken livers for a couple of days)

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